Getting to Where You Want to Be

The things that I have waited and worked for are finally here.

If you do not put in the effort for something that you say you want, do you really even want it?

There were things that I had to do in order to get to this point:

– Work hard in school (do not ever let anyone make you feel bad for having an education. This is a privilege that many people will only dream of, and that everyone in the world should have an opportunity to receive. Unfortunately, right now, the current agenda isn’t on the side of the people. I hear people say all the time “Oh, you do not need an education to get a job.” Which is true in many circumstances. I needed a diploma for the job I recently got).

– Apply for MANY positions in my field, attend multiple interviews, and get rejected

– Let go of relationships that have hindered my growth

– Leave the comfort of home and familiar faces to be in a place where I need to use to GPS all of the time

– Face my repressed emotions and years of untouched pain/anger/sadness

– Experience what I do not want to decide what I do want

– Change my mind

– Be alone

– Lose my ego





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