Everything is a Big Deal : The Twenty-first Century American Crisis

Does anyone else ever feel as though they are surrounded by people who make so many instances in their life a bigger deal than necessary?

From the line at the coffee shop being too long to what to eat for dinner, the dilemma never ends!

I would say that part of this stems from our fast-moving society, and the tendency to want everything to happen right now.
We become stressed and lose our cool easily when things don’t work in our favor.

“My Amazon order didn’t come in today! It says it was delivered..”
“Our food should be here by now, we ordered eight minutes ago.”
“Why isn’t my WiFi connecting?”
*Signaling to car in front of you* ….”Hurry up! Oh my…”
“She gave me the weirdest look. I don’t like her. Why did she look at me like that? What the.. look what she is wearing. My God..”

I hear the sighs of dissatisfaction everywhere I go.
While other people, all across this whole world, are not always so fortunate to experience the daily sense of woe from not getting the correct order at a restaurant, or missing a favorite television show because we have work to finish. Some people have to worry where their next meal is going to come from, or if they can make ends meet.

Lately I have been trying to be more mindful of my experiences.
Especially the ones that create a sense of insecurity or impatience.
What is driving me to react the way that I am?
How can I react differently next time this happens?
Am I responding this way because I have learned this behavior from other people?

A lot of behavior is learned, so therefore it can be unlearned.
Because… classical conditioning.
That’s why.

In the past (and even nowadays) I have conducted myself in a specific way from watching family and friends over the years, and seeing how they handle situations.
Sometimes this has been a good thing, because I have a lot of admirable people in my life.
Sometimes, those admirable people responded in shitty ways.
Sometimes… I do, too.

I have been able to use each incident in my life as a learning experience in some way.
Launch pads that will create a more meaningful future; for myself and for others.

These days I pay close attention to what I am giving my energy to.
Is it for a good cause?
Should I be grateful instead?
Is this going to benefit those around me?
Will this deplete my mental health?
Will my reaction change the outcome of the situation?
If the answer is no, then what good is it doing me?

We no longer have energy or time to waste.
Use your fuel wisely.

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