Such is Life

Going backwards & springing forwards, & then brief periods where you are drowning. Such is life.

My best friend called me crying the other day because she so desperately wants to be happy all of the time, & doesn’t understand why she isn’t- not realizing that it is impossible. Social media will make you think that it is, though. Which is why none of this is real.

Anyone who claims to experience bliss at all times is not to be trusted. That is not authenticity, that is just plain nonsense.
You are a human, a complex species with all kinds of emotions.
Embrace that.

Some of the wealthiest people I’ve ever met are miserable, & many of those who have very little are more rich than those folk will ever be. Don’t make happiness about ‘things.’

Stop beating yourself up for skipping the gym & devouring a cannoli. I did that last night. It was way better, and I just felt like it.

I usually cry when I am happy, & I also cry when I see people eating alone at a restaurant. Then I remember that 90% of the time I eat alone at restaurants perfectly content with no one to bother me. Go figure, huh?

If you want to inspire people, take your mask off. Share your writing with the word ‘fuck’ in it. If your Grandma doesn’t like it, she can go fly a kite. Or unfollow you, whichever she prefers.

One time I came out of my room feeling absolutely beautiful and this guy said to me, “You are going to wear that?” Now we speak once in a blue moon because I don’t need people in my life who are ashamed of my presence.

Some “friends” laugh & whisper to others as they see me blooming & becoming comfortable discussing my pleasures, ideas, & dreams. I see you. I’m well aware.

There are roughly eight billion people in the world. You are irreplaceable. No apologies here.

I am no guru, & I’m working on becoming more tolerant of those who are downright intolerant.

Oh, & to that guy who has left me in the dust all of these years after I so foolishly believed your excuses, I wish you the best. And you will never, ever, touch me again.

Give yourself some love. Say how you feel. That is your freedom.

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