Come Back Never

When I happen to fall
It’s always gotta be hard
Or not at all

I take great pride in my rapport
No motherfucking quick-fix rebounds
Unnecessary to implore

Some people always need somebody
Afraid of themselves, afraid of their own mind
Wandering through life in some sort of drunken stupor
Limiting the way in which you were initially designed

Potential drained, muscles wasting
Eyes glazed over, brilliance fading
Picking and choosing who to cast your spell upon next
Gotta leave her feeling envious and unusually perplexed

Well I’m throwing in the towel
Because I’ve learned my lesson, though it took a while
Those games are boring
And to be honest, they weren’t even clever
So please be on your way now
Come back never

by Camryn Rebekkah 

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