Well, Fancy That.

Some people choose to fry in the dry desert heat, and others yearn for snow-capped mountains, long-underwear, and snowblowers.

Some can’t wait to plan a wedding and begin nesting while other people still want to live with their best friend and work a poopy minimum wage job.

Some people dream of becoming internationally recognized for doing absolutely nothing, others desire to live tucked away in the woods with a couple of doggie buddies and a shelter for the nuclear winter.

There are people who wake up each day and walk twenty miles for water that isn’t ridden with cholera. Then there are those who spend $6.00 for a 3 oz. Voss because the water from their sink might have fluoride which some are duped into believing might diminish the third eye therefore they won’t be able to reach the sixth dimension.

Some people enjoy a buttery brie while others prefer a sharp cheddar. I, myself, am partial to an earthy camembert.

We all have different paths and none of us fancy the exact same lifestyle.

Ah, yes.

The beauty of diversity.

By Camryn Rebekkah

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